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 Designing 5 Year Life Plans...
One Financially Confident and Secure Woman at a Time
"So You Can Get to Living a Stress Free & Financially Free Life Faster"
From The Desk Of  Tracy Teskey
Waterloo, Canada

Hey friend,

I’m Tracy, founder of Design Your Reality.

I help women just like you who need to take control of their finances and life but just don't really know where to start or what to do.

Tracy Teskey Design Your Reality the Burj Al Arab... Dubai January 2020

Burj Al Arab, Dubai - January 2020

Money, Life, Wealth, Retirement, Kids, Cottages, Louis Vuittons, BMWs, 
Travelling the World, Retirement Savings, Stocks, Taxes etc. etc. etc.
Wow! Overwhelming, right?!

Join me for what I like to refer to as a 
'Spa Experience for your Soul & Finances'.

I'll transport you into a calm world to unclutter your vision and your finances. Just show up, be open, honest (to yourself mainly) about what you want to life your life like. I will help you with the how.

Here is the details about what is included on your Design Journey to gain clarity and confidence around your life and finances.

Keeping it Simple
Design - Plan - Budget - Build
Paying Attention and Designing Some Tools 
 To Run Your Life As Your #1 Business
The Women I love to help and support....
Since that "Ah Ha Moment that my personal life doens't run much differnet then my business" I've been able to....

Help and transform these ladies lives... Here is what they had to say...
Without Tracy's guidance and support, I would not be running my 'lunar love' business while excelling in my corporate sales career. She gave me the tools to be balanced and successful. Amazing really. 
Nicole Jabbour - Owner lunarlove.ca
Tracy’s program creating your 5-year plan is outstanding! If you are a busy, high achieving woman looking to achieve life-work balance while being a badass in your finances you need to book a session with Tracy. The process is an uplifting experience where you gain clarity on how to achieve the results that you desire. This program is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.       
Crystal-Lee Olsen - Sales & Leadership Strategist
"Having a session with Tracy is life affirming! Tracy is knowledgeable in matters of the heart and the head and uses her laser focus to get your life to where you want it to go. She's a wizard when it comes to budgeting and optimizing the time you have to live your best life. I highly recommend Design Your Reality for anyone who is tired of spinning their wheels and not seeing any results.".       
Frances Boychuk - Commercial Designer
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