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Tracy Teskey Design Your Reality the Burj Al Arab... Dubai January 2020

Burj Al Arab, Dubai - January 2020

I'm so excited that you are here. Hopefully, I can help you on your journey to retirement, or as I like to call it. "The years you can do whatever you want to do with your time." The key is to have enough cash flow to live your life without having to do a day job or run your business for income.

Since you don't  know me well yet, I thought it would be a good time to share my story and journey so far.

At 26, I was a Telecom Account Executive living the 'corporate dream'.
I was earning six figures and thinking "Wow" I'm making all this money. 
I'm doing the "right" things,  I was contributing to my RRSP's and I purchased my first home.

I'm very fortunate as I have an Uncle who lives in Australia, and he has always shared  his Rental Property stories with me. He always refers to himself as 'playing houses'.  I watched him living a happy, calm life. He appeared to "retire" at 42 and continue to just play houses.

I am secretly desiring his very simple, calm, beautiful life. 

I purchased my first student rental houses when I was 28. I then sold those and bought land in Costa Rica and build a pretty cute house on top of the mountain overlooking the ocean at 35.  In between there I bought a little single family home in Windsor. Eventually - and it is a longer story that you'll surely hear about as we get to know eachother better, I sold the house and invested in more rental properties in Canada. That is a VERY good decision, and I'm not fortunetly reaping the rewards of the simple rental proeprty strategy. It is not a get quick rich strategy, but it certainly is a get really wealthy long term strategy.

I will be very transparant about my own portfolio. I want to share, I want to help you.
My Mission

To Elevate the World, One Financially Confident, Independant and Secure Woman at a time.

Does this sound like I can help you? 
What you will learn, achieve and receive from this program.
  • 6 Months of combined Group and One on One Coaching with Tracy
  • Overcome your FEARS of actually owning a rental property yourself
  • ​Understand the short term cost's and the long term financial benefits and how you can control these two things.
  • ​Understand how to NOT be a LANDLORD. I will teach you how to run your Rental Property Business - Like a Business -  Be the CEO!
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The Women I love to help and support....
Tracy, without your guidance and support, I don't think I would have taken the plunge and purchased a rental property. Now I love watching my equity grow and my mortgage being paid for by someone else. Amazing- I am drinking the Kool-aid and just wish I had listened to you sooner.
Donna Bird - Medical Equipment Sales Professional

Tracy’s program creating your 5-year plan is outstanding! If you are a busy, high-achieving woman looking to achieve a life-work balance while being a badass in your finances, you need to book a session with Tracy. The process is an uplifting experience where you gain clarity on how to achieve the results that you desire. This program is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.    The next stop is her Rental Property Concierge program. Thank you for the clarity to my financial future.
Crystal-Lee Olsen - Sales & Leadership Strategist
Tracy is knowledgeable in the heart and the head and uses her laser focus to get your life to where you want it to go. She's a wizard when it comes to budgeting and optimizing the time you have to live your best life. I highly recommend Design Your Reality for anyone tired of spinning their wheels and not seeing any results.".       
Frances Boychuk - Commercial Designer
So I ask you.... 
Do you want to have financial 
peace of mind for your retirement yet?
Here is the Deal:

For a very limited time 
I’m offering a FREE 30 Minute Strategy Zoom Session to answer your questions and see if you are a good fit for the program. I want you to be successful and not just spend money on coaching and learning if you're not actaully going to buy your own rental property.

Why Would I Gift You This 30 Minute Strategy Session for Free?
And that’s a good question!
#1. I want us to know each other a lot better before we work together. That is for your sake and mine.
#2. I want to ensure that you are going to benefit from the program. Not everyone is ready or able to buy a rental property, so let's talk about that before you invest $3500.00 into coaching with me.

I want all my clients to be successful and love their rental property business.
There will not be a sales pitch on the call, yes I will invite you to join this program, or start with a Design Your Reality session, but you will not be preassured. It isn't my style and typically if we vibe well together, you will just know what you want to move ahead with. No fluffy stuff here. Welcome to Tracy land. 

I've paid $10,000 for a program just like this one (will less one on one coaching), and for now I'm offering the entire program for $3,500.00 Canadian (I know this is my retirement gig, so I'm nice and want to help you actually buy your first rental property. This is my passion project. 

I have my 7 rental properties. Now I want to show you how to actaully do this too. This is fun and I love working with my clients. If the waiting list grows then the price will go up. Just being logical:) (Again, welcome to Tracyland).
Here's What You Need To Do Next 
P.S.  If you have read this and don't even want to have to take time to learn, and you just simply want to execute on a rental property, and your are a get S#$! done type of person (like me), then my VIP program might be for you.  Click here to learn more. I'll do the heavy lifting and shopping for you.
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