Design Your Reality Experience 
A Spa Experience for your Soul & Finances
Join me to design, plan, budget and build your 5-10 year life plan with you. 

Let me take you on a journey to clarify your vision over the next 5 years. We will design your life the way you envision it to be (really). What makes your soul happy? Travel, friends, water, the sun, golfing, skiing, sipping vino while reading a book…. so many ways to live your life… and now we can capture them.

What you will recieve from Tracy

2X2 Hour Private One-on-One Session with me as I build your plan for you. I do the spreadsheeting so you can dream and we can get creative with your financial picture.  My goal is to provide a clear picture of your current and future state. I will of course give you a glimpse into a rental property if you so desire.

In addition to the 4 Hour planning session you will recieve a Design Your Reality Gift Box.  In the Box will will uncover what I believe takes us beyond just Vision boarding. You will be provided the tools to visually see your future life in time. 

Tracy Teskey Design Your Reality the Burj Al Arab... Dubai January 2020

What you will learn, achieve and receive from this program.

$997.00 + HST 

  • 5 Year Financial Big Picture Plan towards your retirement goals! (Little Secret- I'm actually going to do 10 Years for you)
  • ​Have Clarity around your budget and why you spend how you spend, and the beauty of using money as a tool to enjoy life.
  • Have a NET Worth workbook to update Annually
  • ​5 Year Calendar Vision
  • ​An Inspiration Notebook to dream
  • ​Time Management Life Skills! 
  • ​You will Design not only your Ideal Week in a Life, but the next 5 Years!
  • ​So much more.... check out the testimonials 
Here's What You Need To Do Next if your Ready to Take Action
Just to re-cap and make your life easy... 
Tracy offers 2 Programs... Design Your Reality Experience to get you started. If and when you are ready to jump into your first rental property - join the VIP Rental Property Business Coaching Program. Nice and Easy.
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