5 Secrets 
How to Buy Rental Property for Retirement Income 

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 why you will love rental property ownership 
What does this all mean? We hear it time and time again, and it feels yucky, but it isn't. It is a beautiful thing... just like having a regular guarenteed pension income.... for life.
Simplify and Automate.... this is a key to not losing your mind as you try to build your real estate and financially free lifestyle.

work smarter not harder
Let's make you some money... by making the money you earn work smarter... not harder.
There is so much noise around real estate investing. I will help you cut through the noise, and share my own personal numbers, stories. I want you to know the secrets (which are not secrets, once you know what they are).
and more...

Rental Property Owner

Thank you for your guidance and the step by step Rental Property Concierge service to help me to buy and get my first rental property with a great tenant. I should have done this 10 years ago. I did it now and will enjoy the $15,000 of income during my retirement. Now I need to buy another one. Thanks again for making the process so easy.


My mission is to change and empower how Women (men do participate too), can design their realities both financially and in their everyday lives.

I purchased my first rental property when I was 25, and I've learned a lot over the past 21 years.  It is time to share and help women that have some equity, but they just don't know actual steps to buying rental properties for retirement income.

The good news is you don't have to figure it out on your own. My dream is to help as many women as I can to create passive income streams so they can live life and retire with ease and joy.

Tracy Teskey
5 Secrets to Buying Rental Property for Retirement Income.